Tuesday, November 15, 2011

last day as an infant


A year ago today, I was driving my husband crazy by spending about three times what our weekly food budget is in one shopping trip.  I had to.  Some people clean before the baby arrives.  I double quadruple meals to freeze.  I needed to quadruple three different meals so we did not starve once our second-born arrived.   All in one day.

And then once I had cooked all that food and and frozen it,   I had to go to BabiesRUs with my mom and make her buy a carseat for her car so that Abby could be carted around by her - just in case.

No wonder Eleanor came the next night!

And now here we are a year later.  She is walking.  She is giggling.  She is starting to talk.  She is amazing.

Stay tuned for Eleanor's birth story tomorrow on her first birthday.  I should have done this...well... months ago.

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