Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend craftiness

My dear auntie came back to the Burgh to visit and craft last weekend.  It was a really special time.  We got to do all of my favorite things - go out to lunch, wander aimlessly around Anthro all the while saying, "We could so make that." and of course craft a bit.  I even was convinced that I could in fact wear goldenrod - a color I have always wanted to wear but never thought I could.  Yes, it was a big weekend.  

I've needed to make new pillow covers for about a year.  That was my goal for the craft time... it also became my aunt's goal to help make it a possibility.  

Some garland love.

Brother number two trying his hand at painting fabric for (different) pillows that my aunt makes with her equally talented husband.  

Final Product:

My mom's turn:

One of Abby's favorite activities - pinning.

Abby also worked on her pillow

And then another pillow with her aunt

The finishing touches on the pillow covers


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