Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tomatoes for pap

(these pictures are from a month ago, but i am just getting them from my camera - so behind)

abby's great grandfather was pretty sick.  on one of our visits, we were talking about his tomato plants in his backyard.  pap loved planting and caring for his tomatoes.  he looked forward to it every summer.  pap did not think he would have tomatoes this year.  it was just too much for him to do by himself, but his daughter stepped in and made sure he would have his tomatoes.  abby must have been listening to our conversation about the the tomatoes and she wanted him to have tomatoes too.  

prior to another visit  a few weeks later with pap, abby wanted to make him a picture.  when i asked her what she wanted to make him, she said, "tomatoes!'  

it literally made me cry for a few reasons.  she is three.  and life is very much all about her.  i would say that is pretty typical.  the word *egocentric* comes to mind.

so this is the first time she thought of what someone else would like.  she didn't want to make him rainbows or butterflies on purple paper (her faves).  she wanted to make something that was special to him.  she remembered.  i know i know - to most people it's just a picture of some circles that represent tomatoes, but to this mama it is a huge milestone.

it is the first glimmer of what we as parents work so hard to teach our children - how to care for other people,  even if it is just some circles that represent tomatoes.

we are so happy to say that pap is doing much better.  

art tip for 3 - 5 year olds drawing actual objects (no longer scribbling) - give them a fine sharpie marker to draw their picture first and then let them paint or color the picture in - it makes for a much more pronounced/stunning picture.  this little trick is something used in reggio emilia preschools - one of my favorite philosophies of early childhood education.  


  1. Looks like Abby prefers green tomatoes... or does Pap?

    ...Loved this post!

  2. I think that was Abby's call - I thought it was interesting how she picked one red and the rest green. Was that accidental or purposeful?!?!