Thursday, August 4, 2011

up (eleanor's first word)

In the last two weeks Eleanor has mastered grabbing onto something and pulling herself up.

She is pretty proud of herself too.

Here is the kicker.  We were both taking a nap together.  She woke up first (as she always does).  She pulled herself up on the co-sleeper (I did have a groggy hand holding onto her shirt) and then as clear as day said, "uuuup."  It woke me right up as I thought I was hearing things.

She sat back down and sure enough said it again.  She stood back up.  She did this over and over again with a huge grin.  And I was just as amazed, giggling right along with her.  I know this is how it is supposed to happen.  I've done this once before with Abby,  yet it completely floors me to think about all of the steps that have to happen for Eleanor to say a simple word such as "up."  And then she does it -  all of a sudden - one afternoon waking up from a nap.  

Tonight I feel old.  I feel like the *other* old moms that tell me to enjoy these years because they happen so fast.  And even if I secretly roll my eyes at them because I could really use a full night of sleep, I am whole heartedly agreeing with them.  

 I think I'm going to have a(nother) walker and a talker on my hands before I know it.  


  1. up!! amazing. that little one is a mover, up! so simple, so perfect. (proud godmother smiling ear-to-ear over here)

  2. This made me cry lisby as it just seemed like yesterday and, yes, coming from an old mom ENJOY. It just happens so fast and you wake up and wonder where the years went. I love you.

  3. Thanks everyone! She is now trying to say *Abby* and crawling on her hands and knees (rather than army crawl) on in the span of a few days. This is amazing