Friday, May 27, 2011

art room...

Here is a peek at the art room prior to Eleanor's arrival (the before):

And then the stuff piled up and the art room become my crap room.  Here is my first attempt at simplifying the room.

Six months later, it's better... not completed, but full of purpose and organized.

Great Aunt Joan's Blob People (dried acrylic paint glued onto a beach scene)

Pittsburgh Neighborhood Print from our friend/local graphic designer

Abby's art supplies that she can access independently - shelf from Aunt Joan

Aunt Joan's light

Fabric swatches lifted from the local architectural firm's... umm, trash.  There are 100% silk swatches in these books!

Sewing/Crafting spot - table from Aunt Joan

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  1. Your art room looks great! I have started reading the book 'organized simplicity'. It is exactly what I have been looking for! thanks! :)