Monday, February 28, 2011

simple is hard work

Eleanor was baptized last night - it was a beautiful and humbling experience.  As soon as I get pictures from my dads I will post about the night as best I can.  I'm still feeling many, many things.

You can check out one picture and a very sweet letter here.

In other news
I've been reading Organized Simplicity: A Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living, which has really helped me continue the process of living a simple, meaningful life with my family.  Since I might have some "stuff" issues (i.e. I attach way too much meaning to my things), this book has been a helpful exercise in having a home that enables simple intentional living.  The basement flood helped too :)

The room that is working on having purpose.

I begged Josh to take this from my Great Aunt Joan's house when my family was getting ready to sell her house after she passed away last spring.  He argued we did not have a corner in our house that was available for the three corner cabinet.  Au Contraire - there was one - an old corner closet that the previous owner had taken off the door.  It fit perfectly.  I love everything about this cabinet, especially because it reminds me of Aunt Joan.

I added Abby's artwork and a quick origami butterfly mobile to the changing table area.    Eleanor fell asleep while gazing at the butterflies.  Mom, do not worry - the changing table is attached to the dresser and she doesn't move when asleep.  She was safe!  

Crewel work made by my Gram.  Framed for now, but maybe could be a pillow one day?  

It's a start.  One nap at a time.


  1. I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE AUNT JOAN'S CABINET :) I recognized it the minute I saw it and it makes me happy to see it used!

  2. you don't realize how i had to BEG to get it home... and then getting into our 2nd story home was another saga. BUT it is here and cherished. i think aunt joan would be happy so many of her things are being used and loved all over the country :)