Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stained glass valentines - not for the faint of heart

i think know this might have been more for me than abby but she LOVED it and asks to do it everyday.
disclaimer:  this project involves pretty much everything unsafe for a two year old, but abby still has all her fingers and no burns so it was considered a success!   when i worked in early intervention, my most awesome speech therapist showed me this idea but with leaves.  it was a terrifying experience then too but the results were so pretty - totally worth it if you can muster up some courage.

Peel the wrappers and grate your favorite color crayons with an old grater. This is a great way to use up bits of crayons.  If you only have one grater it will get clean in the dishwasher, but it looks pretty terrible beforehand. 
Sprinkle the crayon shavings on contact paper.

Put another piece of contact paper over the crayon shavings.  Make sure there is about an inch border because the wax will spread once ironed. 

Place an old dishtowel over the contact paper and iron away until just melted.    Abby was sitting about two feet back with "quiet hands"  (hands folded in her lap).  

Here it is just melted.
Abby proudly showing her work.

Cut out and enjoy!  Abby wanted to play with them  in the ice cube tray before taping them to the windows.

I made loops of tape and Abby put the tape on the hearts and then could choose where to put them on the window.

so this activity is a little more hands on parent wise than i usually care for...meaning abby could not do as much and had to sit and watch while i ironed and cut.   the funny thing she was completely enthralled and sat by me the entire time telling me how to cut the hearts - big, little, long, etc.  when i asked her how she felt about doing this project she said with a big grin, "mama, i feel all wiggly inside!"  so all in all it was fun and she enjoyed each step even if it wasn't that hands on.  

when abby is a little older she can grate the crayons,  draw shapes with a sharpie,  and then cut them out -  making it more her own.  

let me know if you try it!  


  1. Lisby -- rainbows and candles and purple cake and melted crayons and naked babies -- what a delight, and all in front of Uncle Ernest's painting. We have another artist in the family. I am reminded that all art is is basically creating order out of chaos, a typical day for you. I am so proud of you. I love it!

    Auntie Tingly Weezer

  2. T-W,

    Well said. Thanks for stopping by and for enjoying our chaos!