Sunday, January 30, 2011

why am i blogging?

i'm not sure exactly.

i have a two month old who doesn't turn in for the night until midnight so i have some free time on my hands.

i want a way to remember what i do with my girls now that i get to be a stay at home mama.  i still don't have a scrapbook or baby book in place for abby (2 1/2) so i think this is my best bet for documenting firsts, seconds, and the little things that make up the ebb and flow of our day.

i am a TERRIBLE corresponder but really really really want to work on that this year.  i want fam and friends near and far to know what we're doing with our days.

i want to be intentional about finding beauty and joy in the routines that can sometimes seem mundane.  

eleanor ann beginning to grin.  not too hard for this mama to find joy or beauty in that!  


  1. ahh! i'm LOVING this blog too, the photos are gorgeous, just like the girls! also, could the rainbow train be a cooler game?!
    rae rae

  2. Lisby: This is the first blog I have ever followed. Beautiful pics. She is darling. Yo said to say hi and that she loves the hat. I told her all about your art of knitting. I miss you and kiss Abby and Ellie for me. Can't wait to see all of you, hopefully, in Richmond. xo Auntie

  3. Aunt Phyllis - I am honored this is your first blog to be followed. Tell Yo I said hi too. I'm thinking Etsy with Eleanor's hat but we will see. Craft weekend here we come - I am peeing my pants excited. Send some of the FL sun our way!