Tuesday, February 8, 2011

rice table

run to giant eagle.

buy the biggest bag of rice you can find. 

run back home.

put the bag of rice into an empty bin.  you know you have twenty (oh wait that's just me).

lay a table cloth/drop cloth under the area where you are going to play.

find cups/jars/measuring spoons/empty containers.  place them next to bin of rice.

take a deep breath.  this will require patience and a blind eye.  this will make a mess, but it's worth it.  

invite your toddler over and go over some rules.  rice stays in the bin, unless it's in another container.  rice does not belong on the floor.  have a blast, little girl!  

breath.  rice could will get all over the floor.  the table cloth will help. be happy your toddler is fully engaged in something not digital and working on skills that are increasing her hand/eye coordination and independent play (e.g., doing it "all by myself.") 

this could also be done with pasta, beans, cotton balls, water etc... 

reviewing the rules

abby chose which containers she wanted to try out first - after  just digging her hands right in!  

real life:  abby played independently for 15 minutes...which is record in our house.  she did throw rice on the floor...more than once...which resulted in the bin being put away for another day :)  she helped clean up a bit and i did the detail work.  it made the cut for a repeat activity.  

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