Sunday, February 6, 2011

black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow...

 so i could possibly be the worst Steelers fan ever.  i grew up with three brothers, a dad, an uncle, and cousins who worshipped loved the Steelers.  game days were huge and there was a lot of praying that church would be over at a decent hour so kickoff would not be missed.  i probably did a lot of grumbling about how i didn't get to watch what i wanted to watch and it most definitely fell on deaf ears.  now i always enjoyed uncle jim's world renown hot sausage and a pepsi.   i laughed as the man cave erupted with cries of, "oh o'donelllllllllllll."  i laughed as things were broken from wrestling during half time.  i became nervous if things weren't going well for the guys on the field and the mood of the cave became gloomy.  so for me the Steelers represent family, heart attack inducing food and not so much football.  although i was present for most games for as long as i can remember, i still don't fully understand the game.  what are all those downs about anyway?!?!  prechildren, the games represented uninterrupted knitting and napping time - pure bliss.  so here we find ourselves on the day of the superbowl.  i am trying very hard to instill the culture of western pa into my girls - to cultivate little ladies who love their Steelers (yes there is just a touch of sarcasm in that statement).  and the only way i know how to do that is through...a little crafting!

decorating the felt bunting

sewing it together

Go Steelers!  

Pom Pom Shakers - pom pom attached to a wooden skewer  wrapped with yarn

black and gold painting - do not mind the mess in the background :)

Here is a great tutorial if you would like to make pom poms of any kind:

colonizing the cosmos (best band out there, but i am not partial one bit) covered wiz khalifa's black and yellow.  Perfect match, yes?  check it out here to get your Steeler pregame on:

so maybe i am not the worst fan out there.  i do care.  and i am proud.  go Stillers.  shut 'em dauuun.

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