Sunday, February 13, 2011

the good news. the bad news.

bad news first.  always.  and then end with the good.  our basement flooded.  and my basement looks like a hoarder lives there.  so it wasn't pretty.  we had to use a lot of bleach.  we had to throw some things out.  nothing major - some sentimental things.  i would have cried but i was so angry i had to clean up...ummm, poop.  i do enough of that everyday.  here's a picture for your enjoyment or horror.

but here is the good news.  that picture and the one below was taken with my loaner camera.  remember my little camera dilemma posted here?  well before i had to even discuss future camera plans with josh, my sweet (and brave) father in law called and offered one his cameras to help me continue this mom blog until i get a new camera.  and the loaner is 1000 times nicer than my old one!  so bear with me as i learn how to use it.

prior to the basement incident, i had been mulling over something all last week.   in light of my technology mishaps, i kept telling myself nothing i own is irreplaceable.  (i tend to get very attached to my things.)  my husband is irreplaceable.  my girls are irreplaceable.   and they are with me.  so i'm good.  and grateful.  

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  1. oh no! just read this. you guys ok???? need anything??? call us ANYTIME!