Friday, February 11, 2011

brown paper packages

once a season or so we receive our version of brown paper packages tied up with string in the mail - huge moving boxes FULL of fabulous clothes from our cousins in the far off land of connecticut.  it is awesome.  i grew up wearing my cousin's (mama of cousins sharing clothes with abby and eleanor)  hand me downs and loved every minute of it.  she had impeccable taste even at the ripe age of four.  and now the tradition continues with our girls.  not only is it so generous and thoughtful, but it is so much fun!  i love pulling out each dress, leggings, and jammies from the box giving it a smell (it still smells exactly like my cousin - amazing) and then seeing the joy on abby's face when she sees something she loves.  if its soft, a dress, or purple we've got a winner.

eleanor will be rockin this out in the summer 

self chosen outfit of sweatshirt dress under a summer dress, with jammie bottoms, and easter shoes
dear girls, we love the clothes - thank you for sharing with us!!!

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  1. That was a funny blog Lisby. I remember saying things like you said. I used to get frustrated. I'd fix something and the next thing I knew something else was busted. I laugh now but... it's still funny.