Thursday, January 12, 2012

light table + sensory bin = our new favorite materials

I have been in a serious play rut as of late.  I find us in a pretty tricky time with a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old.  Abby (3.5) wants to do involved art projects and/or build intricate buildings with blocks while using her imaginative play skills to create little worlds of fairies and dragons and everything in between.  Enter Eleanor (1) who needs to climb and dump.    And destroy anything Abby tries to create.  

Instead of always telling one of the girls we can't do this now... but we will get to it, I am trying to think of things they both will enjoy simultaneously.  

We typically use the light table to build with magna-tile blocks (they are worth every penny), but I was so inspired by the mamas at, that I decided it was time to make a sensory bin that we use with the light table.  Although the picture below looks like Valentine's Day exploded in our playroom, it is just what we needed.  

Wal-Mart came through strong with the contents of this sensory bin.  It includes: jewels and gems found in the floral section, flower mirrors, fairy wands, beaded bracelets, and a variety of glass jars for dumping and pouring.  

Eleanor LOVED dumping and pouring.

She would pick certain jewels for me.

She also liked trying on the bracelets.

Abby went crazy over this idea.  She was oh so happy.  While Eleanor dumped and poured with me,  Abby immediately began to sort ruby reds from the hearts and flowers.  She did this independently without me even suggesting it.

And then the imaginative play started in an instant.  The fairy wands + ruby red jewels + rainbow bracelets were the only thing that could protect us from the dragons in the art room.  They were trying desperately to get our treasure.

Since Abby was wearing the rainbow bracelet, she was a super fairy so she could protect us all.  Baby Eleanor dragon included, as long as she did not take (too) much treasure.  

 And since we had treasure, Abby found her treasure box that her aunt and uncle made her for Christmas and went to town filling it with the jewels.  Sidenote: Talk about perfect gift!  They lined the treasure box with purple velvet, stenciled it, and filled it with fabulous rainbow necklaces.  Brilliant.

The treasure was only safe in the fairy fort where the vigilant super fairy stood guard.

Until she needed a snack and then Baby Eleanor Dragon swooped in for the kill.  

This was the most fun we have all had together in a very long time.  Each girl could do what they love using the same materials.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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