Sunday, December 4, 2011

christmas tree saga 2011


every year i make our family buy a live tree.  except for one year when we bought the cheapest, ugliest artificial tree from craigslist.  we did that because josh seems to be allergic to Christmas trees.  for the first three years of our marriage, i didn't believe him.  i'm such a jerk.  the artificial tree was so depressing we went back to live trees  - even though josh has issues with it.  please don't be offended if you have an artificial tree - there are some beauties out there.  both of our parents have gorgeous trees.  

finding the *perfect* tree consisted of shaking two trees and asking abby which one she liked.

coco was made. 

i get a little uptight about placing the lights correctly.  josh knows his role at this point.

planning and plotting the light situation.  we had to go to home depot TWO times in ONE night for more lights and a bigger tree base.  yes, they must be color lights.  one little lady insists.

 drinking coco late at night was too much excitement.

ornaments were dumped in a frenzy.  even the glass ones.  and abby jumped on one splitting her toe open.  and that ended christmas tree hunting fun day very quickly.

and we were out of band-aids so josh made abby a much needed cast from paper towels and purple tape.  if it fell off in the night so awoke screaming, "I need my cast!"

one night later the blasted allergenic tree is up and decorated.  and all is well.  as well as it can be if you have a fake cast and an allergy to Christmas trees.

but really.  all is well.   

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