Wednesday, July 6, 2011

this happened.

this was our view when we pulled into our parking spot on the fourth of july.  not good.  we have a huge ash tree that is dangerously close to our house.  but thankfully, it fell into our yard.  and not on the house.  first reason to be thankful.   

second reason to be thankful.  the branch missed my car by a foot or two.

just some little branches hit.  they didn't even scratch the paint.  

the rot that started it all.  

a nest that landed on my car.  that was sad.  the mama robin was frantically circling overhead.

third reason to be thankful.  a big brother with a chainsaw.  

fourth reason to be thankful.  lots and lots of play with the branches and and the stumps and the sawdust.
is it wrong that all i can think about is what to do with the tree remains?!?

there was only one "i told you so" moment on my part and it was done in jest and lightheartedly... once we knew everything was okay.  the tree comes out next week and will drastically change the backyard.  i'm already dreaming up the flowers i can now plant with a full sun backyard.  stay tuned for some unextreme home makeovers.

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