Monday, June 13, 2011

rainy beach days

so cold rainy beach days could be a bust, but here is a taste of some delicious things to make the day just as enjoyable as making sandcastles, playing on the rocks, and splashing in the chilly water.

1.) visit the local library and take out every book you can concerning butterflies, ballet, and clifford.

 2.)  visit an aquarium.  this one was actually perfect for a three year old.  it had perhaps ten tanks located in the reception hall of what appeared to be an old bank.

 science on a sphere

a discovery room with sand in an old trunk (great idea), water table, great books, ocean puzzles

knot tying station

a touching station.  can you believe abby held a sea star???  

great art station to make sea creatures from items that could be thrown away - toilet paper rolls, egg cartons...

abby's octopus

3. ) make brownies.  when you have gourmet cooks around they use this brownie mix and this caramel sauce.  eat some brownies before eating grown up grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup for dinner.  

 4.) make fire to enjoy while reading old Martha Stewart, County Living, Traditional Home magazines from the library.  this is of course after the babes go to bed.  and your swirling head can somewhat think again.  

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