Tuesday, June 7, 2011

rainbow birthday party

i now have a three year old.  i reigned myself in with only two decorations since we were 600 miles from home for this very special occasion.  because i am nuts, i stayed up a little too late the night before to make a rainbow pendant banner.  obviously, it was necessary.    

i brought these rainbow paper mobiles from home.  i had made them from cardstock last year from this tutorial (they use vellum paper, which looks gorgeous but i couldn't find it easily).

she has been talking about party hats for six months.  she and daddy picked those out.  can you tell?  they are totally messing up my rainbow theme.  but i let it go.  sort of.

we had a lot of helping hands to make the frosting for the rainbow cupcakes.  

 she may or may not have swiped a few licks from the bowl.

rainbow cupcakes.  abby had them last year and asked for them again this year.

rainbow punch served by the three year old herself.  i believe she was calling it, "fun in a cup."  some of us may have added a little champagne to put a little more fun in our cups.  

rainbow punch:  ginger ale and orange/mango/pineapple juice poured  together with scoops of rainbow sherbet added to the mix.  

the birthday girl wanted to pizza.  done and done.  check out this table that fits a boat load of people.  please notice the party hats on many.  

abby with her birthday balloon and special birthday chair cover her aunt made for her last year.  we now use it for all of our birthdays.

it was a three year old kind of day filled with a trip to a favorite farm (pictures to follow), some beach time, a missed nap, emotional highs and lows including lots of laughter... and tears, and amazing family and fun.


  1. Love it! Wow... I miss Nonquitt. Such a beautiful place. It's great to see yet another generation enjoying the beauty and family fun. Great job Lisby!

  2. yay!!! we were celebrating in spirit!!!!!!!!! yay, abs! looks like a BLAST!!!

  3. oh my goodness is such a big little lady! LOVE the rainbow banner. I currently have all my nail polish lined up in rainbow order, abs would be so proud!