Thursday, June 9, 2011

alderbrook farm

we took a trip to our favorite farm (when in massachusetts) on abby's birthday.  

i am in love with this little guy (abby's second cousin).  he is fearless yet gentle with the animals.  a very nice combination.  

abby prefers to have an adult with her or be held to touch the animals.  she may or may not get that cautiousness from her mother.  i would definitely rather look than touch.

 rock (the goose) could possibly be the most protective (trying to be positive) animal i've ever seen.

is that not so sweet?

daddy found this purple star ring in the grass.  it might be abby's favorite birthday present.

little miss (abby's second cousin) on a mission to find more rocks.  adorable.

this might be where the little guy gets it.  look at his mama!  i stood at a safe distance.

beautiful bells.

fairy gardens are all the rage right now in the early childhood world.  this gave me some great ideas.


  1. LISBY!! these photos are STUNNING, you are good lady. The kids are all beyond adorable too, obvs.

  2. Great photos Lisby with some cute Furlow humor injected. Looks like you are having so much fun and this really takes me back years ago when all you kids were that age. Bub