Wednesday, May 11, 2011

poppy is losing his marbles...

literally.  poppy (my dad) has an amazing marble collection that spans across the years of being a world class marble shooter.  well, i don't know how technical the term marble shooter is, but my dad used to clean up at recess playing marbles.   he still has a huge glass container filled to the brim with colorful marbles that abby adores. yes, i also let my almost three year old play with marbles.  choking hazard.  yes.  i know.  she loves nothing more than to dump the container on a big fuzzy blanket and really study each one.  they have names.  names from when poppy was a boy (my favorite being chicken gut) and names that he and abby make up.  the problem is that poppy is losing his marbles.  haha.  somehow abby works her magic and lots of precious marbles end up in plastic baggies to have a sleepover at my house.  i just can't promise they will make it back to their rightful owner, the marble king.  

even after poppy generously sent his favorites to our house knowing full well he may never see them again, he sent abby a present in the mail of more marbles with a really sweet note.  she was impressed.  and even had to hug the jar before opening.  

the careful naming of each one

rainbow big ball was really exciting

just catching up on the rules of the game

dear poppy, 

i love my marbles.  i really like the purple shiny ones.  

love, abby

dear dad,

i still have your marbles in the plastic baggie.  i may be able to get them back to you before 2012.  thanks for making my little girl so happy.  

xoxo, lisby


  1. This reminds me of how much your mom and I loved Gram's button jar -- filled with beautiful objects that sparkled and had little flowers and beads and shiny gold. We were entranced. Small things can be so sweet.

  2. Somehow David's name is being entered in my account. Lisby, Aunt Louise is commenting, not Uncle David, although I'm sure Uncle David is very enthusiastic about it all. I DO NOT like technology.

  3. AUNT LOUISE (not Uncle David) - I was trying to figure out who this "David" character was calling me Lisby! Problem solved!

    I still go through my mom's button jar with so much excitement.

    It is the small things that make life so sweet.

    So excited to see you soon.