Wednesday, May 4, 2011

phipps visit

I think I've said before that Phipps is one of my favorite Pittsburgh places to visit.  I could argue that it is hands down the best membership to have in Pittsburgh - whether you have children or not.  We usually go on a weekly basis to see how "our" butterflies are progressing (see photos below).  To check on the purple flowers.  To to see if the trains are back.  There is also a weekly story time with a craft or planting project.  Our weekly visits are another way to expose our girls to beauty - something desperately important to use.  As we live in the city with a tiny not too functional outdoor space, the outdoor gardens now serve as our backyard... with no maintenance!

Running to get to story time

The case of chrysalides (Yes, I did check the plural form of chrysalis on wikipedia)
All Monarch butterflies are fondly referred to as Nima in our house...  there is a great reason and I will share when I have permission from the Mister.  

Trying to pull carrots.  No, they were not carrots and I did not advise.  

A quiet moment reading Peter Rabbit

Weeping trees make the best little houses.  
The necessary cuddle time

Eleanor quite pleased to feel the grass... for the first time!!!  

Collecting dandelions and sticks on the walk home

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