Thursday, March 24, 2011

the need to squeeze rainbow houses

so as mentioned yesterday, my girl and i both like to squeeeeze things.  sometimes its not really functional to squeeze an entire bottle of tempera paint (or toothpaste for that matter) in the name of creativity.  and the mess is usually bigger than i can handle or justify.

so the stars aligned this week and i found a new fave preschool blog who posted on "tall paintings" and abby discovered a great book, plus i've been wanted to do a squeeze glue activity from First Art with my old contact solution bottles that i have been saving for way too long... so we combined these ideas to create some art.  our version of the rainbow house in Oh Were They Ever Happy!

Per teacher tom's ingenuity, i hot glued some old containers to cardboard.  i must say i am very very happy the cardboard had little flaps to help catch the paint/glue.  

then i mixed a concoction of paint and glue (2 parts glue/ 1part paint) in the contact solution bottles and glue bottles.  my thought was that abby would get a big fine motor workout squeezing the bottles... and it would slow the process down a little bit.  well.  who wants to slow down paint/glue oozing out of containers?!?!  abby wanted the paint/glue to RUN down her house.  

i ended up cutting bigger openings in the glue bottles and taking some of the lids off.  notice the smile when the glue could pour out as opposed to the drizzle above?  

so we pretended we were making rainbow houses for our family to live in.  as abby poured each color on her house, she said quietly, "oh were they ever happy."  and then smiled to herself.

yes indeed!  

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