Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh, Were They Ever Happy!

Abby borrowed a book from the library of Gram.  Oh, Were They Ever Happy!   is a new favorite around our house.  It tells the tale of parents that leave for an afternoon outing before the babysitter arrives thinking she will be there any minute.  She never shows.  (SIDE NOTE: This is just the first time you will shutter if you have on your parental hat.  So it's best just to take that hat off and read it through the eyes of your little one.)  The children being oh so helpful decide to paint the house with every color of paint they can find in the basement.  And it is a lot of paint, resulting in oh so much fun.  So if you dare read this book, watch out -  you might find walls, coffee tables, exteriors in hues of rainbow delight.  Seriously though, who hasn't dreamt of a rainbow house?!?!

I knew it was just a matter of time before this little girl came up with plans for our "blah" exterior.  It happened today as I was carrying in Target purchases from the car.  After I finished lugging bags in, I had to pretend to be the parents coming home to a rainbow house and say, "Oh Were They Ever Happy!"  over. and over. and over.

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  1. I love that book! I still have it from when I was litte:)