Monday, March 28, 2011

lemonade without the lemons

At roughly 10:30 this morning, Abby announced it was time to make lemonade.

Why not?  

I had a few cut up limes and oranges lying around in the fridge that needed used up and that seemed to satisfy her need.   Although we were not using lemons, could we still make lemonade?

Let's find out.  

Pick a fruit.  Orange or lime.  


Add sugar to taste.  The only rule was that Abby had to use the baby spoon to scoop the sugar.  I.E. You may not dump the entire bowl of sugar in at once.

 Pour back and forth between two cups.

 Squeeze some more.

Enjoying the fruit of her labor.  

Is it lemonade, Abby?

No.  I think we should add cinnamon.  Then it will be lemonade.

Let's give it a try.

I will spare you the pictures of adding cinnamon, hot chocolate mix, and sprinkles because well, it was gag worthy material.

Clean up time.

And that is how we make lemonade without the lemons.  

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