Wednesday, February 16, 2011

eleanor (three months)

dear eleanor,

you've already celebrated thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and a lot of pretend parties in these three short months you've been here.  it's only been three months but i cannot imagine life without you.  you are generous with your smiles and patient with your hands on big sister.  i loved watching the first time you noticed abby and tracked her as she danced across the room.  she loves you so much.  the night you were born she wanted to hold you right away.  as she looked at you for the first time she asked with such innocence, "mama, can we take her home with us?"  i hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship for you two.

you have changed my life completely.  you have changed our family completely.  you have caused me to slow down - to enjoy just being home with my girls.

at three months, you are smiling and starting to giggle (although you get the hiccups if you laugh a few times in a row).  you are rolling from your belly to your back.  you like to look at anything hanging, especially our light fixture in the living room.  you sleep.  thank you.  you like to be held facing out and maybe a little swaying - not a lot of bouncing or jiggling.  you like your swing.  you go to sleep quickly with a little swaddling and a pacifier.  we call you:  eleanor, ellie, elles, elles bells, bells, elsie, little bubs.  yes your big sister made up a lot of those nicknames.  you are a joy.

love, mama

yes,  i did it.  matching christmas jammies.  

does anyone else see the furlow in her???  


  1. what a beautiful letter!!! i know she'll LOVE to read it later. :-) that photo of her in the bath--hilarious! she looks like your dad. ha ha ha. p.s. i think the matching jammies are/were super cute. ;-)

  2. and i'm crying at work again. beautiful <3

  3. Ha, I'm glad I read this while I was still at home because it made me cry too! And, I agree -- totally one of your dad's faces in that one picture!

    I love you, Eleanor Ann! You are so sweet and I'm so glad you're here!

  4. And I LOVE that last picture of her.